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Kolby Goodman, The Job Huntr, does more than just simple resume editing. Beyond creating an eye catching and attention getting resume, Kolby does one on one professional interview coaching with every one of his clients. 

What My Clients Are Saying…


Brian C., Senior Accountant

After trying to update my resume myself, I realized that I needed professional. Kolby stood out from the pack immediately. From our initial interview, I knew he understood my background, what I was looking for, and how to put that down on paper effectively. I hired him to write my resume and update a sorely lacking LinkedIn profile.

Kolby was a true professional: going in depth, clarifying when needed, and keeping his timelines. My new resume was amazing and better than what I was sending out before. He even helped me realize that I did a lot more than I gave myself credit for. He didn't pad my resume with falsehoods and reaches; he made me sound like a professional. He then sent me my template to update my LinkedIn profile, along with suggestions and recommendations on how to up my profile. I now have a professional looking profile that I never could of done myself.

Although I wasn't looking for a career move in the near term, I did send out my new resume for a couple of open positions. I was surprised when  I received a call back and  was offered the position two weeks later. Kolby was instrumental in getting me and my background seen by an employer. I can't recommend him enough!!


Wow.  That's the first and best word I can use to describe Kolby.

I found Kolby on Yelp and saw all the great reviews so I thought I would give him a try.  I was very skeptical that he could help someone like me but boy I am glad I reached out!

Kolby rewrote my resume, crafted a new cover letter, created a LinkedIn profile, and delivered a one hour job strategy consultation.  

After getting back his final resume, even I was impressed with myself. The new cover letter was even better than the resume!  It was a great compliment to my resume. Kolby then continued to blow me away with my new LinkedIn profile.  I had absolutely nothing before Kolby went to work and now I have an impressive profile that I'm proud of and can't wait to use in my job search. 

Just two days after the first time I used my new cover letter and resume, I received a call for a great job and already have a second interview scheduled.  Kolby's services are worth the investment and I'm already getting great results.  I am so confident when I apply for jobs now and Kolby set me up so I can be efficient and apply for more jobs than I ever have before.  Besides all of this, Kolby is just a great guy to work with.  He's professional, kind, smart, and a great confidence builder.  He takes the time to learn about you, what's important to you and how he can amplify that in your documents.  If you're thinking that you need your resume, cover letter and/or LinkedIn page spruced up, don't hesitate to contact Kolby, you won't be disappointed!

Lorena R., Sales Manager

I was having a lot of trouble getting my resume and job application to stand out, and did not have a clear idea why or how to fix it.

Kolby helped me figure out what qualifications and experience where the most relevant and what recruiters in my industry are looking for. 

After applying for a few jobs with my brand new resume and updating my LinkedIn profile, I received 3 calls from different recruiters that same week!

I applied a lot of those changes and tips on my interviews and it definitely gave me more clarity and confidence. I was able to find exactly the job I was looking for AND get hired the same week of the first interview.

I can't thank Kolby enough for all his help!

Larry R., IT Manager

After pursuing a 10 year career in healthcare, I needed assistance getting back into IT.  I moved from the northeast to San Diego and after a year of trying to do things my way--or the way I thought I should--I met with Kolby and he worked on my interviewing skills, application strategies, and my resume.  

Kolby is gifted at resume writing and he provided me with a well-crafted resume that I am sure helped me get interviews.    I recently started working full time and am very happy to be working in IT again, and thank Kolby for his assistance and pointing me in the right direction.

Tim B., Senior Consultant

Kolby jazzed up my resume, spruced up my LinkedIn, and coached me through interview questions.  He gave me a lot of homework, which includes some fairly painful things like talking to myself in the car.

My first interview was with a great company, a position wanted, and for the exact salary range I was hoping for.  I was hired 1 week later!

Daniel A., Database Analyst

Kolby's help and resources have been invaluable. His modern approach was refreshing, and his advice was sorely needed for someone who has not sought a new job opportunity in some time. His thorough approach has one central theme - differentiation. 

Building an extensive portfolio, using select phrases and figures on a resume, and the overall strategy you develop under his tutelage is all geared toward making you stand out to future employers. I honestly, can't recommend Kolby enough, and feel a lot more valued and confident in this job market.

Victor B.,  Senior IT Project Manager 


Kolby helped me redo my resume and upon the first job I sent it to I  got a call back right away! He gave me interviewing and negotiating tips which helped me get even better pay!  

Landed with a up and coming company which is stable and has a bright future!  Kolby is a true professional in what he does and really helps to counsel you to make the right decision!  Thanks Kolby!!!

Raquel A., Retail Manager

It is very challenging to write a perfect resume, there are so many styles, rules, should be one page, two pages, etc.

I was looking for a job and I didn't know where to start to edit my resume. I was chatting with a friend and she recommended Kolby.

He is a lifesaver and a professional.  He first kind of interviewed me, asked for my career goal, what my focus was, and my experience. He created an excellent resume, which was essential and crucial for the job that I was applying for.

I have a new job now!! Thank you very much for your guidance and the excellent resume that you created, Kolby!

Todd H., PR Manager

Kolby is a dedicated and compassionate career coach. He provided me with actionable steps to help me stand above and beyond the other applicants in my competitive industry.

I was able to apply his innovative strategies and landed a job at a popular PR firm in my area. If you need guidance reaching your career goals, call Kolby today. I am glad I did!

Kathleen P., Recruiting Manager

After a recent reorganization at my company, I was desperately on the hunt for a new job. My resume had not been updated in years, my LinkedIn was near empty and I needed to quickly brush up on my interview skills. 

Kolby was able to organize my resume in a way that clearly displayed my years of sales leadership experience. He also helped me translate that to my LinkedIn profile, which in return got me better visibility to potential employers looking for someone with my skill set. And lastly, he was able to coach me through interview questions that allowed me to come across as confident and knowledgeable. 

Within two weeks of working with Kolby, I landed an interview and knocked it out of the park. Shortly after that, I accepted an offer and put in my two-week notice at my old company! 

You need to be well prepared when starting your job search, and Kolby is the exact coach I would recommend to helping you be ready for your next opportunity.