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Kolby Goodman, The Job Huntr, does more than just simple resume editing. Beyond creating an eye catching and attention getting resume, Kolby does one on one professional interview coaching with every one of his clients. 

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Make Your First Impression, Your Best

You Only Have 3 Seconds To Make A First Impression. 

Does Your Outward Presence Match Your Inner Confidence?

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The Average Job Opening is Getting Upwards of 120 Applicants.

Is Your Resume Guaranteeing That You Get a Response?

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Hello and Welcome to The Job Huntr!

My name is Kolby Goodman and I started The Job Huntr with a few goals in mind:

1) Help those in need of resume assistance to better communicate their professional responsibilities and accomplishments, and more importantly demonstrate true professional value to their next employers. 

2) Coach professionals on how to sit across from decision makers and deliver a confident, powerful, and memorable interview experience.

3) Help people discover their passions and create results oriented action plans to ensure their next job is inline with their career objectives and goals. 

I love helping people polish their resumes and nail their interviews, but mostly I love helping people take their careers, and essentially their lives, to the next level.

This is my passion. 

I want to help you start off your career, land that great job, get back on your feet, be paid what you are worth, or explore that great new opportunity.

I am here to help you equip your “Professional Utility Belt” with the right tools to land the job you want.

Here are the services I am excited to offer:

  • Resume Review, Editing, Writing and Formatting

  • Interview Coaching, Preparation and Practice

  • Online and LinkedIn Profile Critique

  • Professional Networking Consulting

It is all of these things that I know separates me from the other Resume Writers and Career Services that are out there who only take your resume and re-hash it. They neglect the need to prepare you for the interview once you hand in that piece of paper.  

Here are what a few of my past clients have said about their time with me:


Kolby helped me get my career on track. His guidance and knowledge helped me to improve my resume, prepare for job interviews and encouraged me to go outside my comfort zone. I can truly say without his professional help I would not be where I am today. I recently received a job offer from a Fortune 100 company and it would not have happened without Kolby. The job market out there is rough and having someone offer services like this is indispensable in our economy.

-Brittany Y., Portland, OR


Kolby has helped me tremendously with my interview skills and with the improvement of my resume. Before I met him I did not know how to conduct myself properly in an interview. After getting some of his feedback, I learned to become more confident and to prepare for any type of interview. From a one on one interview or a panel interview. I know that because of his great advice I have landed every job that I have ever applied for. Kolby gave me the confidence and skills to really show my personality in interviews. When it came to my resume I received great feed back on how to make it more visually appealing, and how to use key words to get the immediate attention of the interviewer. I really owe a lot to Kolby, he really is a great person that has helped me a lot in improving myself.

-Ana C., San Diego, CA

As a professional, I believe there's always that slight uncertainty and concern that one may not be qualified for a position, especially if it's not related to your current and past experience. Kolby was able to put me at quick ease. By evaluating my LinkedIn profile and listening to my needs I feel more confident than ever to apply to my dream job. Thank you Kolby for providing great resume building advice! With no doubt, I will absolutely be sending referrals his way!

- Jane A., Chula Vista, CA


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