The Job Huntr

Helping You Land The Job You Want

Kolby Goodman, The Job Huntr, does more than just simple resume editing. Beyond creating an eye catching and attention getting resume, Kolby does one on one professional interview coaching with every one of his clients. 

Testimonial: "I learned to become more confident and to prepare for any type of interview"

Kolby has helped me tremendously with my interview skills and with the improvement of my resume. Before I met him I did not know how to conduct myself properly in an interview. After getting some of his feedback, I learned to become more confident and to prepare for any type of interview. Wether it was a one on one interview or a panel interview. I know that because of his great advice I have landed every job that I have ever applied for. Kolby gave me the confidence and skills to really show my personality in interviews. When it came to my resume I received great feed back on how to make it more visually appealing, and how to use key words to get the immediate attention of the interviewer. I really owe a lot to Kolby, he really is a great person that has helped me a lot in improving myself.

-Ana C.

Ana came to me for help at the ripe old age of 18. Just a freshmen in college, she didn't really have a lot profesional experience, but knew she needed help in trying to accumulate more.  

It was nice to encounter someone so young, yet so excited to take an interest in their career.