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3 Things You Can Do on Your Lunch Break, TODAY, To Move Your Career Forward

Many people say that looking for a full time job IS a full time job. And although the task may seem daunting, here are a few things you can do today, to get you just that much closer to a new job... 


1) Schedule lunch with someone you want to connect with

The best time to grow your network is when you don't need to, andthe second best time is now!

Reach out to someone in a company, industry or career path and ask them to lunch.

Asking a near stranger out to lunch may seem like risky,  but the response might be more positive than you think.

Successful people love meeting others and love talking about what they know best: Themselves!

2) Add 3 new people to your LinkedIn Network

Along with growing your network in the real word, you should always be trying to grow your network online.

Since you’re already ahead of the game and have a LinkedIn profile (hint, hint), you should be trying to add as many quality connections as possible.

The people who can help boost your LinkedIn profile the most are those who you have worked with previously or you know in real life. They can attest to your work ethic, can vouch for you in a professional setting and are more likely to accept your LinkedIn Connection request than a stranger.

Add three people right now. These could be old co-workers, former classmates or even family friends. Having trouble thinking of who to add? Look at your Facebook wall and see who has posted lately.

These are people who you are probably close to and could potentially help you in your job search.

3) Join a Networking Group and schedule your first event

There are TONS of networking groups out there, and you should be involved in at least one of them!

You can simply Google "networking groups (your city),” ask your coworkers and colleagues if they belong to any, or go on LinkedIn and search.

Most likely your industry has a dedicated, nationwide organization that puts on regular events. Look them up online and join today.  More importantly, schedule to attend your first event! Put it in your calendar and commit to going. I know you won't regret it.

There are three quick and easy things you can do today, maybe even on your lunch break, that can help get some forward momentum on your job search!


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